Jewelled Garden

Jewelled Garden
The Jewelled Garden Collection showcases the talents of jewellery designer Yasmin Everley and botanical artist Alyson Mowat of Botanique Boutique in a designer silver jewellery collection inspired by the terrarium – and the magic it holds.
The world of the terrarium, an entire plant ecosystem encased within glass, is both verdant and contained. It is this seeming contradiction that the collection so deftly captures. Our need to seize life’s beauty – as well as its transience – is celebrated in a series of superbly crafted and uniquely sculptural pieces.
The duo’s playful sense of dark enchantment and their exploration into female sexuality, devoid of the male gaze, are evoked by the plants portrayed: the pretty, rose-like but hardy and strong Echeveria, the spiked and threatening by healing Aloe Vera known as the “Kumari”, or goddess, in Sanskrit. Also the deadly but divine Venus Flytrap, and the Lady Slipper Orchid with its flagrantly pouted lips which will soon be added to the collection.

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