The Entomology collection contrasts the notions of what is considered desirable and what is beautiful with creatures often deemed repulsive. Insects are fascinating. They make up 80% of the species on Earth and their forms and colours are endlessly varied.

Insects epitomise the mantra, ‘live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse’, as their exoskeletons remain while their soft flesh decays within. There is a long history of insects being used in jewellery: their natural iridescent wing cases have been used as jewels in cultures around the world for millennia. Both Herodotus and Aristophanes refer to the men of Athens wearing golden crickets in their hair, and it was their words which first inspired this collection.

I have taken creatures that are often hated and feared, and transformed them. Once the insects have been cast in silver, and gilded with gold plating and precious stones they become the beautiful jewellery of the Entomology collection.