News: Repinned at The Foundling Museum

News: Repinned at The Foundling Museum

News: Repinned at The Foundling Museum

I am thrilled that my work is currently on display at The Foundling Museum in London as part of the Repinned exhibition alongside work by my classmates from Central Saint Martins.

I am currently in my second year at Central Saint Martins studying Jewellery Design - I have not posted much about it on here as both the type work that I am producing and the fact that I am producing it myself rather than working purely as a designer are contrary to my typical modus operandi. However, I had to express my excited at being involved in this project alongside awesome work by my classmates.



I designed a collection inspired by a simple cross stitch sampler, exhibited at the museum. Sewing was one of the activities assigned to the girls at The Foundling Hospital, viewed a feminine task. It occurred to me that, though this sampler was a bland alphabet lacking individuality, this is a form of silent communication. The children were restricted but the harsh, draconian rules of their society. I combined the idioms pedagogy of era with the medium of cross stitch. The internal experiences of the children through created from materials which carry meaning beyond the sterile domesticity of the sampler displayed at the museum.

The piece on display is 'Speech is Silver'. The phrase ‘silence is golden’ is often used without the opening phrase, ‘speech is silver but silence is golden’. The children were materially poor, having nothing and no one but ‘golden silence’.  The piece is made using sterling silver and tawdry gold thread to exemplify the hollowness of this phrase.

The exhibition will run from the 20th of November until 20th of January 2019.


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