Saxony Initial Necklace


All letters are available or just choose your favourite shape! When you purchase a Saxony Initial Necklace, we will email you to check which initial you would like before sending out your order.

The concept behind the TYPOGRAPHY collection is to take inspiration from Art Deco design and 1920s culture in a completely different way. I started looking at 20s’ New York architecture and interior design. Rather than focusing on the guests at Gatsby’s party I was more interested in the house! In this series of pendants, rings and ear studs I have taken the initials and combined them with Art Deco Architectural structures to create pieces that could be chosen equally for the later the represent or the shape they form.

Solid Sterling Silver pendant with stepped design with gold plating on raised sections. Sterling Silver chain.

up to 30mm x 30mm x 3mm plus 18 inch chain.


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